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Zhao Jin Yun ((ちょう) 金雲(きんうん), Chou Kinun) is the coach of Inakuni Raimon.


He is a large, Chinese man with a plump face shape. He has a black moustache that points out downwards and out and a tuft beard. He has a black ponytail. He wears a red long jacket with gold outlines.


Zhao Jin Yun was assigned to coach Inakuni Raimon. When the first training begun the coach had a weird plan for the training.



  • Zhao Jin Yun's birthday is on July 20.
  • In the manga, he plays with a Nintendo Switch.
  • In episode 13, it is revealed he graduated from Stanford University as valedictorian.
  • Also revealed in episode 13 is that he was a kung-fu instructor for 3 years, spent 3 years in the army, a baseball player for 3 years, 3 years as a soccer player, and a coach for 1 year prior to coaching Inakuni Raimon.