Zeus (Ares, Emblem)

Zeus (世宇子(ぜうす), Zeusu) is a team in Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin.


Zeus played against Inakuni Raimon in the main tournament of the Football Frontier. Zeus used their plays in the air to get past Raimon defenders and advance to the goal. They took a 2-0 lead by goals of Perseus and Aphrodi. As Aphrodi was stopped by Raimon's defenders, Perseus offered a passing option at the back and he advanced to the goal. He unleashed his hissatsu shoot, Tenkuu no Yaiba, which was fast and surprised Umihara Norika. It scored the 1-0, breaking through Norika's Uzumaki The Hand. Later, the defenders of Raimon were too slow stopping Aphrodi, who jumped up in the air, unleashing his God Knows Impact, which also broke through Uzumaki The Hand, making the score 2-0. Raimon then fought back and Kozoumaru used his Fire Tornado on Donji's goal, however it was going wide. As Donji thought it missed, he didn't move to the ball. However, Goujin came running to the center, heading the ball behind Donji. It turned out this was an idea by Zhao Jin Yun, who practiced this on the training. Quickly Raimon came back to 2-2 as well. And shortly after Asuto decided to use his Shining Bird, shooting it high in the sky, to chain it with Kozoumaru's Fire Tornado, forming the new Override, Bakunetsu Storm. This got past Donji and scored the 3-2, getting Raimon the victory and knocking Zeus out of the Football Frontier tournament.


  1. Posei Donji (GK)
  2. Aporo Hikaru (DF)
  3. Hadeno Tetsu (DF)
  4. Aresu Ran (DF)
  5. Deio Geki (DF)
  6. Arute Saneki (MF)
  7. Herume Matsuaki (MF)
  8. Atena Tomo (MF)
  9. Demete Yutaka (FW)
  10. Afuro Terumi (MF/captain)
  11. Heruse Arisu (FW)

Zeus is sponsored by God Bull Inryou (ゴッドブル飲料(いんりょう), Goddo Buru Inryou, lit. God Bull Beverage).


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