Zaizen Sousuke (財前(ざいぜん) 宗助(そうすけ)) is the Prime Minister of Japan and also the father of Zaizen Touko. He has a bodyguard team called SP Fixers.  


Stuart Vanguard

A smiling Sousuke.

He is shown to be very protective of his daughter, Touko, not wanting her to get into so much commotion by not allowing her to join the Inazuma Caravan to stop Aliea Gakuen. He is also shown to be a soccer fan, as he has his own team, and he was seen multiple times watching the FFI on TV with two guards.


He has a dark iris hair with long bangs that are styled in a point to the side. Since he is a Prime Minister, he is only seen wearing formal clothes which consist of a black suit and striped tie. In the Chrono Stone and Galaxy series, when he is older, he has some white strands in his hair.


Season 2

During the start of the series, he was first seen during a ceremony (alongside the USA's President Harper in the game), until he was kidnapped by so-called aliens that invaded Japan. As the story progresses, he somehow discovered the "secret base" of the Aliea Gakuen, which is located somewhere in Japan. He come back later and reunite with Touko.

Season 3

He made a cameo appearance during the first half of the season.

Zaizen Sousuke in the GO game.

Inazuma Eleven GO


Zaizen Sousuke CS 4 HQ

Zaizen Sousuke has to shut down soccer.

He appeared in the GO game. He was seen visiting the Raimon soccer club and is feeling disappointed.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone

He reappeared in episode 4 and seemed to be disappointed. This was possibly because he had to shut down soccer, and it was his daughter Zaizen Touko's favorite sport.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

He appeared in episode 18, when Gouenji came to him and told him about Bitway Ozrock, asking him to accompany him to the Sekai Gikai Kaijyou.

Game appearance

Front sprite Back sprite Avatar
Casual Zaizen front Zaizen back Zaizen sprite 0 Zaizen sprite 1



Danball senki zaizen

Zaizen Sousuke in Danball Senki.

  • He also appears in Level-5's Danball Senki as the prime minister of Japan.
  • He appeared in the GO game watching the final of the Holy Road opposing Raimon (GO) to Seidouzan and also appeared in the Chrono Stone game.