Z Slash (Zスラッシュ, Zetto Surasshu) is a dribble hissatsu technique in the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy universe.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


It was first used in episode 3 to get past a member of Fire Dragon.

It was used again in episode 9 to get past a member of Shamshir.

It was also used in episode 16 to get past Storm Wolf's defender Yuri Averin. It was used again in episode 17 to get past Yuri Averin once more.

It was first used by Tenma in the Grand Celesta Galaxy in episode 22 in the match between Earth Eleven and Sandorius Eleven. It succesfully dribbled past Kazerma Woorg.

It was used once more in episode 30 in the match between Earth Eleven and Gurdon Eleven and it succesfully dribbled past Etuna Holk.

It was used again in episode 33 in the match between Earth Eleven and Ratoniik Eleven to get past Moth Gar.

It was used again in episode 39 in the match between Earth Eleven and Faram Dite and it succesfully dribbled past Radon Morm.

It was used again in episode 40 in the match between Earth Eleven and Ixal Fleet and it succesfully dribbled past Despina Laks.


The user sprints and feints the opponent in a Z pattern. When he/she gets past the opponent, a red Z appears where the user dribbled, burning the field, leaving a Z trail on the field.







Z Slash GO Galaxy game

Z Slash GO in the Galaxy game.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 3 - Einsatz and Z Slash (アインザッツ & Z スラッシュ)HD00:35

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 3 - Einsatz and Z Slash (アインザッツ & Z スラッシュ)HD


Tenma Armed Z Slash00:07

Tenma Armed Z Slash

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