Yokato emblem

Yokato (陽花戸) is located in Fukuoka, where Endou Daisuke started playing soccer. This is also where Tachimukai Yuuki came from. They are fans of Endou Mamoru.


The standard Yokato jersey consists of a light blue T-shirt with black and white linings around the neck area and white in a checkered pattern at the rims of the sleeves. The lower hem of the shirt is lined with black, and the name of the team is written in red on the upper left of the shirt. This is worn over a black undershirt. The shorts are colored blue and the captain's band is colored yellow. The goalkeeper uniform is almost identical to the standard jersey; the shirt is colored orange instead of light blue and is long-sleeved. The white checkered pattern is located at the humerus and the cuffs are black. Shorts are also colored black.


  1. Tachimukai Yuuki (GK, MF/captain after Toda Yuuichirou graduated)
  2. Chikushi Kunimitsu (DF)
  3. Oohori Michitoshi (DF)
  4. Genkai Namito (DF)
  5. Ishiyama Morihito (DF)
  6. Shika Kaneaki (MF)
  7. Michihata Utau (MF)
  8. Matsurida Wasshoi (FW, Game only)
  9. Kasayama Sou (MF)
  10. Kuroda Yarimichi (MF)
  11. Toda Yuuichirou (FW) (Ex-captain)
  12. Matsubayashi Yuu (FW)
  13. Okinoshima Sou (GK)
  14. Nagahama Hosomichi (MF)
  15. Oyatomi Takashi (FW)
  16. Dazai Umekichi (FW)
  17. Niwaka Yoshitomo (GK)



Yokato VS Raimon

After Raimon's good start in the first half Yokato starts to hold out. But in the second half Raimon starts to control the game again. At the end Raimon wins 4-0.


  • This team is one of the rare teams to have three goalkeepers (with Osaka Gals and Raimon (GO)).
  • In the anime, the midfielder Matsurida was replaced by Kasayama.
  • In the game, their uniform has a Kanji on its back. But in the anime, it is replaced by a number.
  • In the dub version of the game, the names of most of the members of this team are based on fortune and misfortune.
  • Their school is located in Fukuoka.