Utsunomiya Tae (宇都宮(うつのみや) たえ) is Toramaru's mother.


She has long blue-black hair, which is the same hair color as Toramaru, tied at the back and black eyes. She is always seen wearing a pink apron.


She appears to be a caring mother to Toramaru, still trying to help him in spite of her illness. She also appears to be a talented cook, in which everyone was surprised.


Toramaru's mother

Tae giving young Toramaru his RC car.

After she became sick, Toramaru took over the responsibility of running their restaurant Toranoya. She went to Inazuma Japan's match against Desert Lion to see him play. She finally discovered why Toramaru was holding back in his plays when Hibiki told her. When Toramaru was in Liocott Island after the Asian Preliminaries, Nashimoto Nonomi was there to help her in Toramaru's stead. She was Toramaru's inspiration to create RC Shoot, due to the car she had given him when he was younger.

Game appearance

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