Hey, Minna! I Decided To Start A Blog Game Aswell.This Is About GO Dubnames.

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Ok, So These Are The Rules:

  • I Will Give You 3 Characters (GO And Chrono Stone Only)Per Round And You Guys Have To Give Me YOUR Idea On The Characters Dubname.No one Else's.
    • That Means No Stealing Other Peoples Dubname Idea.You Have To Be Original,Minna!
  • I Will Only Accepct Idea's For A Limited Time Per Round,Then Its Voting Time!
    • When Voting Time Starts,You Cant Give Me Your Dubname Idea.
  • When Voting Time Starts,People Will Vote For The Best Dubname Set.The user With Most Votes Will Win!
    • I'll Accept 3 Winners Per Round,So Not Everyone Nor One Person Will Be The Winner!
  • You Have To Give Me Your Idea Of The 3 Characters IN ONE COMMENT.
  • There Are No Right Or Wrong Answers,So Answer As You Wish!
  • Also,Be Nice!
  • There Will Be A Theme Each 5 Rounds.

I will also change/add a few rules.So don't be mad if i add/edit a rule.

And Of Course,Dont Forget To Have Fun!

Round 1

Yukimura Hyouga

Amemiya Taiyou

Kageyama Hikaru

Winning Name's:

Yukimura Hyouga:Aaron Iceway (SnowyBoy) With 6 votes~!

Amemiya Taiyou:Sonny Shinshine (TenshiLight angel)With 3 votes~!

Kageyama Hikaru:Hiro Dark (TsurugiFan16) With 6 votes~!

Round 2

Kirino Ranmaru

Shindou Takuto

Matsukaze Tenma


Shindou Takuto - Shawn Preston (TsurugiFan16) [2]/Simon Peters - (Fubuki風吹) [1]/Harry Maestro - (GouenjiShuuya'123) [1]/Taylor Muze - (GoldAsh) [1]

Kirino Ranmaru = Campestral Mist (Espiobest) [2]/Kale Mist - (EdgeEternal) [1]

Matsukaze Tenma - Matthew Storm (TsurugiFan16) [2]/Ethan Brooks - (GoldAsh) [2]/Ventus Windsor - (EdgeEternal) [1]