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    Hello everyone.I hope you all are doing fine.So, I'm actually going to be on a hiatus for awhile..No, not leaving.Just going to be REALLY inactive for some time.Its cause of school and I need to focus ALOT on my studies.I probably won't be active on any other places either (Tumblr, twitter, Facebook, ect.) I..Don't exactly know when I'll be back.Most likely when school vacation is here.

    So, I won't be active starting tomorrow (or today..).I hope to see you all soon though.

    ~In You And I True Emotions So many Ups and Downs 11:27, April 2, 2013 (UTC)

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    Hi all! So..Today i wanted to talk about Scout Characters in IE2 (Blizzard)

    Well...I've been playing IE2 (Blizzard,English version.) alot lately,and my current goal is to fill my Connection team 2 with scout characters.For those who played the game..Can any of you recommend some good scout characters

    • Note:For less confusion,i will make a list of the current scout players i have.(I will only say their English names though..)



    Stonewall (Fudou)




















    Thats pretty much it..If anyone can help me,that'd be such a great help.

    (Also,i'm currently on chapter 6 (I will update this eventually when i progress through the game) so i can onl…

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    Will be Semi-Active

    December 26, 2012 by ~:Len Kagamine:~

    Hello Minna-San~ First off,how are you all? Hope you had a great Christmas this year~

    Now,as you may know,January is coming soon,which means School is starting up for me.So i'll be less active in chat.

    I'm deeply sorry for this.I'll visit the chat from time-to-time.

    Anyways,have a great year this year and i'm sure i'll see you all soon~

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    Hey, Minna! I Decided To Start A Blog Game Aswell.This Is About GO Dubnames.

    Check Out All The Other Blog-Games At Blog Game Creators!!

    Ok, So These Are The Rules:

    • I Will Give You 3 Characters (GO And Chrono Stone Only)Per Round And You Guys Have To Give Me YOUR Idea On The Characters Dubname.No one Else's.
      • That Means No Stealing Other Peoples Dubname Idea.You Have To Be Original,Minna!
    • I Will Only Accepct Idea's For A Limited Time Per Round,Then Its Voting Time!
      • When Voting Time Starts,You Cant Give Me Your Dubname Idea.
    • When Voting Time Starts,People Will Vote For The Best Dubname Set.The user With Most Votes Will Win!
      • I'll Accept 3 Winners Per Round,So Not Everyone Nor One Person Will Be The Winner!
    • You Have To Give Me Your Idea Of The 3 Charact…
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    Okay! This Is A Character Battle! Il Ask Whos Stronger,Better,Whos Character Design Is Better And Personality Is Better!


    1.U MUST Compare The 2 Character I Well Ask.

    2.U Must Tell The Reasons Why.

    3.U Can Vote ONE Per Day On Each Round.

    Midorikawa VS. Hiroto


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