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My Profile

I am known as ErzaTitaniaScarlet on wikipedia, but my name is Kari Kamiya, and I am a girl. I am from Hawaii, California, and it is okay for you to call me by my name. It is kind of surprising that my name is actually that of a digimon character. I guess that's why Kari's my all-time favorite Digimon character. I have been a member on Inazuma Eleven wiki since March 28, 2011. I love soccer and used to play it a while back. Just, right now I am busy with my studies. I guess thats the reason why I love Inazuma Eleven, so I can atleast watch some epic battle in my free time. Now don't get me wrong, I only watched Inazuma Eleven as the only thing related to soccer to watch. I am not a fan of any real soccer team, I just like playing the game and have fun. Guess I am going "Soccer Soccer" too much. But I love Soccer!!

I like watching animes in my free time. My favorites right now are: 1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (and R2), 2. Inazuma Eleven (and GO!), 3. Fairy Tail, 4. Ao no Exorcist, 5. Sket Dance, and 6. Pandora Hearts. Some of the other animes I watched are: Sacred Seven, Gakuen Alice, Cardcaptor Sakura, Yumeiro Patissiere, Soul Eater, Shugo Chara, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Beyblade, Kamichama Karin, Kirarin Revolution, Romeo X Juliet, The Law of Ueki, Durarara!!, Kekkaishi, Groove Adventure Rave, Special A, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning, Fruits Basket, Munto: Beyond the Walls of Time, Pandora Hearts, Princess Tutu, Mermaid Melody, Petite Princess Yucie, Black Cat, Hayate no Gotoku!, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Mammotte Lollipop, Digimon, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and Pokemon. I started watching another anime that I like called The Money of Soul and Possibility Control (big title!). I also started watching Inazuma Eleven GO! and Danball Senki. What I hate or don't like (trying to be nice...) the most is cauliflower, but since it's healthy, I eat it. Well, my mom forces me to that is. Especially when she boils or cooks it. But I love noodles, pizzas, shrimp, chicken, and pastas. My favorite pasta is Shrimp Alfredo. I would eat anything that is sweet, but cake is my favorite! Delicous!!!

I have read a lot of manga too, but my favorites are by Arina Tanemura (Arina-sensei/ Arina-chan). Other than all the manga by Arina-sensei, my few other favorites are Devil's Kiss, Saint Dragon Girl, Yumeiro Patissiere, Gin-Yu Meika, Nijiiro Prism Girl, Shojo Eve: Eve’s Applework 24 Hours, Plus and Minus Junkie, Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru!, Boyfriend (YAMADA Daisy), Othello, Monochrome Shounen Shoujo, Rabu Berishu!, Moe Kare, Chocolate Cosmos, Sensei Ni Ageru, Hime-chan no Ribbon, Giri Koi, and I especially like Nosatsu (Charming) Junkie, which I wish they make an anime out of. I have also read the Inazuma Eleven manga. To be truth, I like animes more than manga. My favorite anime character is Mitsuki Koiyama from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Others are Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail and Fubuki Shirou from Inazuma Eleven, and I think Atsuya is pretty cute too. Oh and also Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura and Mikan Sakura from Gakuen Alice. My dream is to become the world's smartest doctor, neuro sergion, thats why I need to focus a lot on my studies. I will make sure to complete it no matter what! I like drawing, writing, and reading. Thats why I jave started a short manga. I usually draw my favorite anime characters in my free time when I don't feel like doing anything else. Inazuma1195-7.jpg. Not to mention I love editing on wikipedias in my free time. And I hope you got to know more about me by reading my profile. Peace>3!!! P.S. I am a big soccer baka!!!!!

Wikis I am editing on for now:

Wikis I have created

My Top 15 Favorite Inazuma Eleven Characters!!!

My Top 8 Favorite Inazuma Eleven GO (only/new) Characters!!!


My Favorite Sayings/Quotes

  • "Minna, let's play soccer!!!" (Endou Mamoru/Kiyama Hiroto)
  • "The Goddess of victory always shines on the team that
    Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン) - Eternal Blizzard エターナルブリザード00:22

    Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン) - Eternal Blizzard エターナルブリザード


    never gives up!!" (Hibiki-kantoku)
  • "Wanna try being a 'soccer baka?!!" (Kidou Yuuto)
  • "I love soccer!!!" (Endou Mamou/Inazuma Japan/Fubuki /Gouenji Shuuya/Kiyama Hiroto/Matsukaze Tenma)
  • "Don't you feel love for soccer too?!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "Practice is like Onigiri!" (Endou Mamoru/Aphrodi)
  • "You're always late!" (Endou Mamoru/Gouenji Shuuya)
  • "The strong feed on the weak to survive, that's the law of
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    the jungle!!" (Fudou Akio)
  • "Playing soccer is fun, isn't it?!!" (Endou Mamoru/Fubuki)
  • "When someone trusts you, respond through actions!" (Endou Mamoru/Gouenji Shuuya/Ichinose Kazuya)
  • "Being perfect means to fight along side your nakama!" (Fubuki Shirou/Fubuki Atsuya)
  • "Don't turn back, and run the opposite way! (Gouenji Shuuya)
  • "Believe in you friends." (Endou Mamoru/Gouenji Shuuya)
  • "You"ll become stronger than every before after getting over a pinch!" (Kidou Yuuto)
  • "The ball is always in front of us!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "Soccer, Soccer is not waste of time!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "I want to go straight, like a soccer ball aiming for the goal in the front!" (Fubuki Shirou)
  • "Once we know who we are, we can bring out the power sleeping deep inside our hearts!" (Fubuki Shirou)
  • "How rude, earth has a sayings that goes like this, 'Pay close attention to the man you've not seen in three days.....oh, come on now. That was my alien name! I've got a real name you know.....oh, that.....I'm really sorry about all that.....just between us, I had to work pretty hard to develop my alien character.....So with that, I say to you.....All's end that ends well!" (-was actually supposed to be: All's well that ends well!) (Midorikawa Ryuuji)
  • "Don't give up without even trying!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "We won't know which side the goddess of victory will smile upon until the match is over!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "You have your own soccer!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "If one person isn't enought, then you can do it if you combine the power of two people!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "Just when we humans think we can't make it... that's exactly when we're able to bring out our full potential!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "There's no such thing as pointless effort! Your hard work will surely bring results!" (Endou Mamoru)
  • "The goddess of victory will smile upon those who beleive they'll win!" (Endou Mamoru)

My Favorite Pages

Fun Inazuma Eleven Trivia

  • Despite being a shy and childish boy, Tachimukai Yuuki has shown to be okay with spicy-hot food.
  • Endou Mamoru's skin got darker in Inazuma Eleven GO!
  • Even though he is the orginal main protagonist, Endou Mamoru was never seen in casual clothes in the orginal series, except when he was younger and in the ending Maji Bomber.
  • Kageno Jin can scare just about anyone, even the serious manager, Raimon Natsumi, and the ace striker, Gouenji Shuuya.
  • Both Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO! have two versions of their first openings. In the original, the first version showed Kidou Yuuto as the antagonist and the second showed Terumi Afuro (Aphrodi) as the antagonist. In GO!, the first didn't show Endou Mamoru, but the second did.
  • Endou Mamoru's seiyuu also voices his grandson, Endou Kanon.

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