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Urso Nogueira (ウルソ・ノゲイラ) is a reserve defender of The Kingdom.


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

  • "His cool and calculated style doesn't always mesh with passionate Latin football."


Cavalo is tall and quite muscular. He has short black hair and black eyes.


He cares for his team members and family. Though because of Garshield Bayhan controlling his team, he has no other choice to follow his orders along with the whole team. When Garshield was arrested, he and everyone in the team was still worried since their parents worked in Garshield's company, thus they lost their jobs. Though after sometime, they realized that they were wrong and started to play their soccer.

Game appearance

Character sprite and avatar

Front sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform TKFplayer13sp TKFplayer13

Character view

Front overview Back overview
Soccer uniform The Kingdom player 13 The Kingdom player 13-2


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 130
  • TP: 122
  • Kick: 50
  • Body: 58
  • Control: 56
  • Guard: 66
  • Speed: 53
  • Stamina: 51
  • Guts: 51
  • Freedom: 38


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!


  • 'Urso' means bear in Portuguese.
  • 'Nogueira' is a common surname in Brazil.