Unlimited Shining Logo without background

Unlimited Shining (アンリミテッドシャイニング, Anrimiteddo Shainingu) is a team that appeared in the GO movie, Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie: The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon.


The shirt's base color is white and the chest area of the uniform is yellow in colour, outlined with blue stripes. The collar and the sleeves linings are also blue. The captain's band is orange. The goalkeeper uniform is teal blue in colour with a zigzag black stripe and the gloves are yellow and white in colour.


In the movie, they were shown to appear at God Eden. They challenged Raimon and won against them with a massive score of 13-0.


  1. Hebino Makito (GK)
    Shining formation GO Movie HQ

    Unlimited Shining's formation.

  2. Saki Yukio (DF)
  3. Ejima Kazuya (DF)
  4. Onizuka Heita (DF)
  5. Fujiki Tatsuhiko (DF)
  6. Nitta Miru (MF)
  7. Seidou Dan (MF)
  8. Ginzamiya Akira (MF)
  9. Sasayama Taki (MF)
  10. Hoda Mitsuhiro (FW)
  11. Hakuryuu (FW/captain)

Hissatsu tactic

Inazuma Eleven GO


  • When Unlimited Shining joined forces with Ancient Dark, they created Zero.
  • You can battle them in Shine version of the game after completing the story mode.


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