Umigame Stadium (ウミガメスタジアム, Umigame Sutajiamu, lit. Sea Turtle Stadium) is an FFI stadium. The stadium is located on the Umigame Island.


In both the game and anime, this stadium was used for the match of Inazuma Japan and The Kingdom and the match of The Kingdom and Rose Griffon.


The Kingdom Vs. Rose Griffon

The Kingdom win their match against Rose Griffon because of the hissatsu tactic, Amazon River Wave. This makes their advance through Block B.

Inazuma Japan Vs. The Kingdom

At first The Kingdom didn't play well because they were still thinking about Garshield but after he got arrested, Inazuma Japan's game against the Kingdom continued but this time they fought with with more spirit and they had a tough time against The Kingdom as The Kingdom started to feel and play much better after Garshield was arrested but in the end, The Kingdom eventually lost with 3-2.