Twist Reach (ツイストリーチ, Tsuisuto Rīchi) is a catch hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


This catch hissatsu was first seen used by Storm Wolf's goalkeeper, Alexei Karnov, in episode 17. It was able to stop Tenma's 真 Mach Wind. It was used again in order to try to stop Tsurugi's Bicycle Sword, but it was not fast enough and failed to catch it. It was used for the third time in order to attempt to stop Parkour Attack, but it failed again, which caused Storm Wolf to lose in the finals.


The user pulls both arms backwards to begin with, then throws his right arm forward in a spinning motion. This causes the user's arm to lengthen considerably and his or her hand continuously spins until it comes into contact with the ball. When it does, the hand closes into a fist and attempts to punch the ball away. If it does, the arm spins back into place (with the fist still closed).




Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy (Twist Reach) HD

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy (Twist Reach) HD


Twist Reach

Twist Reach