Tsumuji (つむじ, lit. Whirlwind) is a catch hissatsu technique.



This move was first seen to completely block Raimon's Dragon Tornado during Sengoku Igajima's first national match.


The user summons two whirlwinds in front of him to block the shoot. The whirlwinds then combine into a hurricane as the ball gets nearer. The hurricane cancels the shoot's power and brings the ball upwards.


  • The user jumps to the goal
  • The user finishes his jump
  • He creates two whirlpools
  • Two whirlppols become one
  • Ball falls into the whirlpool and starts to loose its speed



Tsumuji Tehcnique00:17

Tsumuji Tehcnique.mkv

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