Titanic Stadium (タイタニックスタジアム, Taitanikku Sutajiamu) is a stadium used in the Football Frontier International.


Titanic stadium

Aerial view of the stadium.

In both the game and anime, this stadium was used for the match of Inazuma Japan and Little Gigant. It is also the stadium where the opening ceremony of the international phase of the FFI was made. It is the main stadium of Liocott Island.
Titanic stadium111

The Titanic Stadium in the game.


Inazuma Japan Vs. Little Gigant

This is their final match in the FFI. At first they had a hard time because Endou couldn't master God Catch and couldn't stop Rococo's X Blast or get through God Hand X. But in the end, Inazuma Japan fought with all their might and won the finals with 3-2 by revealing their new hissatsu, Jet Stream, and scoring the winning goal.

Tactics used

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