The Keepers emblem

The Keepers (ザ・キーパーズ, Za Kīpāzu) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


The Keepers can be challenged as the sixth team in Endou Daisuke's lower route with a team comprising players that do not not any shoot hissatsu. As the name implies, all players of the team are goalkeepers. All members are between levels 50 and 60.


  1. Torsten Berger (GK)
  2. Galileo (DF)
  3. Tetsukabe Ken (DF)
  4. Mashimo Toboshi (DF)
  5. Okinoshima Sou (DF)
  6. Miyachi (DF)
  7. Nanba Hanae (MF)
  8. Hakoda Tetsu (MF)
  9. Gerald Enders (FW)
  10. Hugh Makeba (MF)
  11. Rococo Urupa (FW/captain)
  12. Juan Zubeldia (GK)
  13. Gigi Blasi (GK)
  14. Émile Razzano (GK)
  15. Zolani Baloyi (GK)
  16. Nata Juuzou (GK)

Hissatsu tactics

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