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The Hurricane (ザ・ハリケーン, Za Harikēn) is a combination shoot hissatsu technique.


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This is a move formed by combining both Fubuki's and Kazemaru's speed. This hissatsu scored against Unicorn's goalkeeper, Billy Rapid's Flash Upper in episode 98. Ichinose was astonished to see both of them combine their speeds, because even when alone, they were very fast. Megane said it looked like a "raging storm", and that The Hurricane was a perfect name for it.

It was used again in episode 118 to break through Big Spider

This hissatsu is considered to be the quickest of Inazuma Japan's shoot hissatsu's.


One user twists the ball like Eternal Blizzard but it turns into a big tornado, while the other user runs with great speed, covered in a veil of wind. The user jumps into the tornado and kicks the ball towards the goal, while it leaves a trail of snow and wind.









Inazuma Eleven The Hurricane HD00:27

Inazuma Eleven The Hurricane HD


Inazuma eleven 3 spark The hurricane V300:28

Inazuma eleven 3 spark The hurricane V3

Inazuma Eleven GO Strikers 2013

The Hurricane00:09

The Hurricane


  • According to Ichinose, this might be the fastest hissatsu Inazuma Japan had because it combines the amazing speed of Kazemaru and Fubuki.

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