Tengawara emblem

Tengawara (天河原) is a team that participated in the Holy Road.


They were the first opponent that Raimon faced in the Holy Road tournament. They were ordered by Fifth Sector to win with a score of 2-0 but they lost instead with 1-2 since Raimon rebelled.


Tengawara's uniform is a white, red-collared T-shirt with a red stripe going across the breast area. The sleeves are black with white rims. Black shorts go with this uniform. Socks are striped red and black. The goalkeeper's uniform consists of an orange-collared long-sleeved orange shirt; the sleeves being teal, whose cuff is colored orange. The shirt itself has a black stripe going through the middle. This uniform is matched with teal shorts. The socks are striped orange and black. The captain's mark is coloured yellow.


Tengawara formation

Tengawara's formation.

  1. Minami Juuji (GK)
  2. Kawasaki Ginta (DF)
  3. Itokawa Yoshinobu (DF)
  4. Kashio Seigo (DF)
  5. Higashi Kinya (MF)
  6. Hayabusa Hideki (MF)
  7. Harei Mizunari (MF)
  8. Nishinosora Yoichi (MF)
  9. Kita Ichiban (FW/captain)
  10. Andou Tsuneyuki (FW)
  11. Hoshifuru Kaguya (FW)
  12. Orio Mihoshi (GK)
  13. Oushida Kazuhiro (DF)
  14. Yuge Noboru (DF)
  15. Ankoku Masayuki (MF)
  16. Harusawa Hikaru (FW)
  17. Minaho Kazuto (DF/Galaxy)

Hissatsu tactics

Inazuma Eleven GO

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • Tengawara has 4 players that have parts in their names that sound like the four main compass points: Kita Ichiban (North), Higashi Kinya (East), Nishinosora Yoichi (West), and Minami Juuji (South).
  • Before Raimon's match with Arakumo Gakuen, Hayami said that this team also started to rebel against Fifth Sector along with Mannouzaka.
  • The Tenga part of the team's name literally means "heaven river" and refers to the Milky Way galaxy. The name of their formation in the game - which is also their dub name - references this.


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