Team Bomber (チームボンバー, Chīmu Bonbā) is a team in the Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone universe.

Team Bomber bottom formation

Second part of the team.


  1. Rococo Urupa (GK/captain)
  2. Walter Mountain (DF)
  3. Domon Asuka (DF)
  4. Lubbock Henktacker (DF)
  5. Afuro Terumi (MF)
  6. Mark Kruger (MF)
  7. Julien Rousseau (MF)
  8. Nice Dolphin (MF)
  9. Edgar Valtinas (FW)
  10. Mac Roniejo (FW)
  11. Dylan Keith (FW)
  12. Raa (GK)
  13. Souda (DF)
  14. Iwato (MF)
  15. Shiori (MF)
  16. Nagumo Haruya (FW)

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