Tarzan Kick (ターザンキック, Tāzan Kikku) is a shoot hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven

  • "Swing from the vines with this groovy jungle shot."



This move was used four times by Gori Shingo during the first match of Nose in the regional qualifiers against Raimon. The first time, it created a chain shoot with Condor Dive, but is was blocked by Endou's Nekketsu Punch. The second time, it was blocked by Endou's bare hands. The third time, it was blocked by Nekketsu Punch as well. The fourth time, it was blocked by Endou's God Hand.


The user swings from vine to vine towards the goal. The user then kicks the ball with both feet while hanging from the last vine, as the ball is covered with green energy.


Inazuma Eleven

Tarzan Kick can be bought for 300 Nekketsu points.

Inazuma Eleven 2: Kyoui no Shinryakusha

Tarzan Kick's manual can be bought in Nara's hissatsu store for 300 Nekketsu points.




Tarzan Kick in the TCG.



Inazuma Eleven - Tarzan Kick

Inazuma Eleven - Tarzan Kick


  • In the anime when this move is used, the user kicks the ball from one vine. When it is used in the game however, the user jumps from vine to vine before kicking the ball. 
  • In Inazuma Eleven 2, this move is a block-shot move. While in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!, it's a chain shot.