Taran Tulakumo (ターラン・チュラクモ, Tāran Churakumo) is an anime only forward for Ratoniik Eleven.


Taran is of average height with lavender-coloured skin and yellow eyes. He has purple facial markings that go over his eyes, located at the sides of his face. He wears a dark purple headpiece with red circle markings that mimics that of a spider's face. He also has long hair styled like dreads that mimics spider legs.


In episode 34, Taran switched in for Banda Koloogyu after he died.

Game appearance

Character avatar

Ratoniik Eleven uniform Taran Tulakumo


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

In order to recruit Tulakumo, the following requirements are needed:

  • Kizuna Coin: 3 Purple (紫3)
  • Item: Pupa Sleeping Bag (寝袋サナギ, obtained at Ratoniik's Karamarine Forest)
  • Photo: Giant Red Mushroom (巨大な赤キノコの写真, taken at the east area of Bridge Park)
  • Topic: The Gap of the Seen Order (見ためとのギャップの話題, obtained in front of the soccer building at Raimon Jr High)
  • Record: Soccer Battle Superior (サッカーバトル上級者, win 100 soccer battles or more)

After this, he can be scouted.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 162
  • TP: 121
  • Kick: 149
  • Dribbling: 123
  • Block: 88
  • Catch: 109
  • Technique: 109
  • Speed: 102
  • Stamina: 116
  • Lucky: 114
  • Freedom: 200


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • His forename and the first half of his surname combined is taken tarantula (タランチュラ, taranchura). The last two katakana in his surname is derived from the Japanese word for spider (クモ, kumo).
  • He is originally a scout character in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy, along with Komecky Shoryou.
  • Among all original members of Ratoniik Eleven in the anime, he is the only one not to be based on an insect (as tarantula is a type of spider).