Disambiguation: This page is about a team. For the hissatsu, visit Supernova.

Supernova Emblem

Supernova (スーパーノヴァ, Sūpānova) is the Supernova version exclusive team.


  1. Ashubina Barany (GK)
  2. Haster Sabital (DF)
  3. Apas Muran (DF)
  4. Soma Roby (DF)
  5. Rudra Ardo (DF)
  6. Baga Guny (DF)
  7. Mitora Jeshuu (MF)
  8. Indra Vayu (MF)
  9. Bass Danish (MF)
  10. Ashleigh Salpara (MF)
  11. Acrous Obies (FW/captain)



  • In the Taisen Route, Acrous Obies and Ashleigh Salpara have their positions switched on the formation.
  • All the players' names are based on a type of zodiac signs in Indian Vedic astrology, called Nakshatras.


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