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Super Shuuyou Meito (スーパー秋葉名戸) is a team that can be challenged in the second game.


The uniform is the reserve of Shuuyou Meito.


  1. Aidoru Sou (GK)
  2. Sujimichi Tetsuo (DF)
  3. Noberu Raito (MF)
  4. Muteki Hideo (MF)
  5. Karisawa Sou (DF/Captain)
  6. Onra Itsuki (MF)
  7. Onotomo Haru (FW)
  8. Robo Gouki (MF)
  9. Geimu Konomu (FW)
  10. Manga Moe (FW)
  11. Akeido Tatsuhito (FW)
  12. Touma Souta (GK)
  13. Kiuchi Tsutomu (MF)
  14. Seimo Sakuta (DF)
  15. Netto Saguri (DF)
  16. Zoukei Sakuo (DF)


  • The team members are stronger.
  • You can challenge this team talking with Saito (Their coach).

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