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Super Scan (スーパースキャン, Sūpā Sukyan) is a game exclusive dribble hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven

  • "Get past opponents by reading their intentions with a brain scanner."



Inazuma Eleven

Super Scan can be bought for 600 Nekketsu Points in the first Inazuma Eleven game.



Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm Pandora - Attack Scan00:05

Inazuma Eleven 2 Firestorm Pandora - Attack Scan


  • This hissatsu has an opposite hissatsu, also called Super Scan. However, the difference is that this hissatsu is the offensive one and the opposite hissatsu is the defensive one.
  • It also looks similar to the hissatsu Future Eye in the Inazuma Eleven GO series.

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