Super Armadillo (スーパーアルマジロ) is a game exclusive dribble hissatsu technique.

Game description

Inazuma Eleven

  • "This tackle surrounds the ball and hits like a rolling armadillo!"



In the anime, it first appeared in episode 6. It was used by Shishiou Kou. It blocked Someoka Ryuugo and injured him. In the anime, the hissatsu is a defense hissatsu.

In the games, this hissatsu is a dribble hissatsu.


The user kicks the ball up on his chest, then rolls up into a ball-shaped form (like an Armadillo) and catapults himself toward the opponent, who is then knocked away.




  • In the anime, the hissatsu is a defense hissatsu, instead of dribble hissatsu.

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