The Steel Tower Plaza (鉄塔広場, Tettou Hiroba) is a place in Inazuma Town.


This is the place where Endou always trains with his tire. He is also seen going here whenever he is worried or having problems, stating 'that the sight at the tower relaxes him and gives him courage'. This is also the place Natsumi goes to when she is depressed.



  • This is the place where Kazemaru joins the soccer club.
  • Endou came here ever since he was a kid.
  • In the game, according to a legend, the 'Inazuma' mark at the tower stopped shining when the accident happened with the Inazuma Eleven 40 years ago. It started shining again when Endou and his team won against Zeus.
  • In the events of GO, the light on the tower is gone again.
  • In the game, there is a sign in front of the tower that says that you are not allowed to climb the tower. However, in the GO games, you can climb on it.