Space Rankers Emblem

Space Rankers (スペースランカーズ, Supēsu Rankāzu) is the combination team of Supernova and Big Bang.


In order to challenge them, the player first needs to connect the two games with each other. Then, the gate in Lost Galaxy will open and the player can walk inside. There, both Sarjes and Acrous will appear, standing on the Lost Galaxy Stadium, where the player can talk to them to challenge them.


  1. Ashubina Barany (GK)
  2. Soma Roby (DF)
  3. Madison Barada (DF)
  4. Foe Chuudas (DF)
  5. Baga Guny (DF)
  6. Banbaros Tower (DF)
  7. Joss Fool (MF)
  8. Indra Vayu (MF)
  9. Bind Hermit (MF)
  10. Sarjes Rugu (FW)
  11. Acrous Obies (FW/captain)
  12. Storem Guzer (GK)
  13. Apas Muran (DF)
  14. Zatan Worlder (DF)
  15. Ashleigh Salpara (MF)
  16. Mitora Jeshuu (MF)

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