The Snowland Stadium (スノーランドスタジアム, Sunōrando Sutajiamu) is a stadium in the Holy Road national tournament. It is one of the six stadiums of the Russian Roulette.


It first appeared in episode 26, when the 1/16 nationals in the Holy Road nationals match starts, in the match between Raimon and Hakuren.


There is also a path that leads to the stadium called the Ice Path, and it is required to go through it the first time you visit the stadium in the game. The Ice path also has the chest that contains the Aoba ticket, which is needed to unlock Aoba in the taisen route.


Raimon Vs. Hakuren


Snowland Stadium

Snowland Stadium in the GO game.

In the 1/4 nationals, Raimon played against Hakuren in Snowland Stadium, but their Hissatsu Tactics is so strong for Double Wing. They finally won 3-2, with the help of Nishiki Ryouma and Kageyama Hikaru.


In the game, the Snowland Stadium is exactly the same to the Snowland Stadium in the anime except for the barricade's which are pink instead of blue.

Tactics used


  • The ground of this stadium is frozen.
  • In the game, the stadium is shown to be much colder since cold vapor keeps coming out every time the characters talk.
  • Genei Gakuen's third match is held here before fighting Raimon. It was only shown in the GO game.