Shuuyou Meito Emblem

Shuuyou Meito (秋葉名戸) is a team in the Football Frontier. Their members are a group of enthusiasts ("otaku") who want to win so that they can use the prize money to go to America in order to get Cosmic Pretty Reina, a limited edition doll.


Their uniform is a blue t-shirt with pink sleeves with blue streaks, blue collar and white team mark, fitted along with light purple shorts with blue streaks. Their socks are dusty pink, and cleats are pinkish purple. The goalkeeper uniform is green, long-sleeved with purple sleeves, green streaks, white team mark and black shirt under it fitted along with black shorts, white gloves, pale pink socks and pinkish purple cleats. The Captain's band is light green.


Shuuyo meito formation

Shuuyo Meito formation in the game.

Shuuyou Meito pitch
  1. Aidoru Sou (GK)
  2. Sujimichi Tetsuo (DF)
  3. Noberu Raito (MF/ex-captain - Anime)
  4. Muteki Hideo (MF)
  5. Karisawa Sou (DF/captain - Game)
  6. Onra Itsuki (MF)
  7. Onotomo Haru (FW)
  8. Robo Gouki (MF)
  9. Geimu Konomu (FW)
  10. Manga Moe (FW/captain - Manga)
  11. Akeido Tatsuhito (FW)
  12. Touma Souta (GK)
  13. Kiuchi Tsutomu (MF)
  14. Seimo Sakuta (DF)
  15. Netto Saguri (DF)
  16. Zoukei Sakuo (DF)


Shuuyou Meito VS Raimon

They conserved their stamina in the first half by making odd moves to lower Raimon's guard. In the start of the second half, they unleashed their true abilities and scored a goal, then dropped back into defense. They managed to advance to the semi-finals with this strategy but as Megane Kakeru discovered their strategy and revealed it, Shuuyou Meito lost to Raimon.


  • They are the only team to have a different captain between the game, anime, and manga.
  • In the game, they used many dirty tricks to win the matches such as altering the match results by hacking the Football Frontier's database and luring the Raimon members to eat poisoned food at a Maid Cafe owned by their coach. However in the anime, their dirty tricks come in the form of hissatsu (Fake Ball, Goal Zurashi, Gorimuchuu). Though these hissatsu are perfectly viable in the games, they are deemed unfair by Megane in the anime.
  • Shuuyou is another reading of the kanji of Akiba (秋葉), the abbreviation of Akihabara which is a district in Tokyo famous as an otaku cultural centre. This is a pun on the members of the team as they are all otaku.