Shoot Wrap (シュートラップ, Shūto Rappu) is a game exclusive catch hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven 3

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


The user slashes his hands several times and lasers come out. When the ball touches the lasers, the lasers explodes and the ball lands in the goalkeeper's hand.




เรนโบว์ลูป (レインボーループ) Gamve Ver00:20

เรนโบว์ลูป (レインボーループ) Gamve Ver.


  • This hissatsu bears a large resemblance to Electric Trap.
    • The lasers are different between the two, where Shoot Wrap has red lasers and Electric Trap has blue lasers.
    • In Shoot Wrap, if the move succeeds in stopping the ball, an explosion is created. In Electric Trap, the ball is electrocuted.
    • Finally, in Shoot Wrap, the hissatsu, if successful, ends with the user catching the ball. In Electric Trap, the ball is stomped on.

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