Shin Teikoku emblem

Shin Teikoku Gakuen (真・帝国学園, lit. True Imperial Academy) was a short-termed team that appeared in the second game/season of the anime. The team's captain was Fudou Akio, and they used the power of the Aliea Meteorite.


They wear the same uniform as Teikoku Gakuen, but both T-shirt and shorts are darker, team mark is white and there's a white stripe in the middle of the red stripes that are embedded in the shoulder area and sleeves. Socks are dark green with red and white stripes, and cleats are black and red. The goalkeeper uniform is orange, long-sleeved with black and white stripes, black team marks (which are on sleeves) and dark green shirt under it fitted along with black shorts, red gloves, red socks with black and white stripes and orange and red cleats. Captain's band is red.


  1. Genda Koujirou (GK)
  2. Taiya Rekito (DF)
  3. Iyatani Kengo (DF)
  4. Gouin Takeshi (DF)
  5. Jikuwa Ryou (DF)
  6. Meza Aito (MF)
  7. Hikara Yoshiteru (MF)
  8. Takanashi Shinobu (MF)
  9. Hie Ryousuke (FW)
  10. Fudou Akio (MF/captain)
  11. Sakuma Jirou (FW)
  12. Katakura Jion (GK)
  13. Souma Zenki (FW)
  14. Shouni Akatsuki (DF)
  15. Bekki Kousuke (MF)
  16. Isshiki Masashi (MF)


Shin Teikoku Vs. Raimon

Shin Teikoku Gakuen stadium

Shin Teikoku Stadium.

The match starts with Sakuma getting a goal with Koutei Penguin 1gou, a forbidden technique which causes strain and pressure to the user, while Genda uses a forbidden catch hissatsu, Beast Fang that causes strain to the user as well. The team is influenced by the Aliea Meteorite and is led by Fudou Akio. The first half ends with Shin Teikoku in the lead, though in the second half, Raimon was able to bring back the team back to their senses and the match ended, though both Genda and Sakuma suffered from more serious injuries.


  • They can be considered as an Aliea Gakuen team as they received help from them.
  • Their school is located in Ehime.