Shakir Zahar (シャーキル・ザハル, Shākiru Zaharu) is a defender for Shamshir.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

  • "He started wearing a bandana to be fashionable, but everyone he meets thinks it's bandages."


Shakir has fair skin and black eyes with long eyelashes. He has wavy brown hair and wears a bandana which resembles a gauze bandage.


He first appeared in episode 8 along with his team to play against Inazuma Japan. His team quickly took the first point thanks to Said Ashraf's Oil Rush.

In episode 9, he tried to block God Wind along with Batal and Assad, but the shoot was too strong for them and they failed. In the end, his team lost with a score of 3-2.

Game appearance

Character avatar

Shamshir uniform Shakir Zahar sprite


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

In order to recruit Shakir, the following requirements are needed:

  • Coin: 2 Blue (青2)
  • Item: Rakuda Crush (ときめきラクダ, randomly dropped from Smiley Cosmos (スマイリーコスモス) at Handa's lower taisen route)
  • Topic: Accessories (アクセサリーの話題, obtained at Odaiba's central square)
  • Topic: Self Trend Fashion (自己流ファッションの話題, obtained at the ferris wheel at Odaiba)
  • Topic: Narcissist (ナルシストの話題, obtained at Raimon's parking lot)

After this, he can be scouted.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 133
  • TP: 129
  • Kick: 85
  • Dribbling: 83
  • Block: 138
  • Catch: 109
  • Technique: 107
  • Speed: 112
  • Stamina: 95
  • Lucky: 114
  • Freedom: 200


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy