Sengoku Igajima emblem

Sengoku Igajima (戦国伊賀島) is a team that is trained like ninjas. They were a participant in the Football Frontier.


Members of Sengoku Igajima wear ninja-like outfits. The standard jersey conisists of a collared purple T-shirt with grayish-light blue stripes around the arms and around the neck area, which is worn over a gray shirt with a fishnet pattern. The name of the team is written in white on the upper-left area of the shirt. Shorts are colored dark purple with a grayish-light blue stripe on both sides. The socks are gray, worn under dark purple and grayish-light blue tabi shoes. On the other hand, the goalkeeper's uniform consists of a dark, grayish-teal long-sleeved shirt with gray cuffs. Gloves are light gray with a section of grayish-blue. A grayish-blue colored "X" is patterned on the front of the shirt and stripes around the arms are of the same color. Dark grayish-blue shorts lined with periwinkle stripes are fitted with the same color of socks and shoes as the standard uniform. The captain's band is colored light gray.


  1. Momochi Santa (GK)
  2. Fujibayashi Nagato (DF)
  3. Kousaka Jin (DF)
  4. Jiraiya Gamasuke (DF)
  5. Ishikawa Goeta (DF)
  6. Fuuma Koheita (MF)
  7. Kouga Gen (MF)
  8. Sarutobi Sanosuke (MF)
  9. Yagyuu Juurou (FW)
  10. Hatsutori Hanzou (MF)
  11. Kirigakure Saiji (FW/captain)
  12. Hachiya Yasaburou (FW)
  13. Katou Dan (DF)
  14. Ideura Kiyomori (MF)
  15. Takigawa Kazuma (MF)
  16. Kido Yamon (GK)

Hissatsu tactics


Sengoku Igajima vs Raimon

In the first match of the nationals of Football Frontier they play against Raimon. At the beginning they had the lead of the match, but when Kazemaru regained his confidence, they lost the match with 2-1.




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