The Seishou Gakuen Stadium (星章学園スタジアム, Seishou Gakuen Sutajiamu) is the stadium at Seishou Gakuen.


As Seishou Gakuen's sponsor is Kira St☆r Seiyaku, the stadium incorporates star designs in places such as the ceiling, screen back, and exits.

The first match of the Football Frontier, which was between Inakuni Raimon and Seishou Gakuen, was held here. Raimon was able to score a quick goal with Kozoumaru Sasuke's Fire Tornado as Seishou Gakuen didn't have any data on that. After that, Seishou Gakuen started to play more seriously, scoring two goals with Death Zone and Overhead Penguin and several more goals. In the end, Seishou Gakuen defeated Inakuni Raimon with 10-1.

The match between Seishou Gakuen and Kidokawa Seishuu was also held in this stadium. Kidokawa Seishuu got a 2-0 lead over Seishou Gakuen, due to their quick teamwork. However, after Haizaki figured out how to play against Kidokawa Seishuu, Seishou managed to get back in the game, and win it in the last seconds with a 4-3 score.