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Dub: Verne Spring
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Seiryuu Haruki (青龍(せいりゅう) 春紀(はるき)) is a scout character.


Inazuma Eleven 2

  • "This genius tactician is one of the big four in junior high footie."


Seiryuu has fair skin and neck-length wavy blond hair. He has green eyes and he also wears glasses.

Game Appearance

Front Sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform 12HL player6 sprite 12HL player6


Inazuma Eleven 2

He can be scouted in the connection map. He appears in Fuji forest and the method to recruit him is harder than the other big four. He needs 3 rounds and his teammates are the three other members of the big four. When he speaks between each round, he says that he increases his ability from 25% to 100%.

Inazuma Eleven 3

He can be scouted by defeating his team in a 4x4 match in Cotarl's area. After defeating his team, he appears as a random prize in the gacha machine in Cotarl's area.

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

In order to recruit Seiryuu, you'll need to have:

  • Item: Restoration Rice Ball (obtained at the end of chapter 7)
  • Player: Suzaku
  • Record: Fully-flegded Soccer Team (win 10 matches in the Taisen Route teams)

After this, he can be scouted for an amount of 2200 Kizuna Points.


All stats are at level 99 and untrained.

  • GP: 200
  • TP: 188
  • Kick: 71
  • Body: 44
  • Control: 77
  • Guard: 72
  • Speed: 79
  • Stamina: 73
  • Guts: 78
  • Freedom: 41

  • GP: 122
  • TP: 114
  • Kick: 62
  • Body: 46
  • Control: 66
  • Guard: 63
  • Speed: 67
  • Stamina: 63
  • Guts: 66
  • Freedom: 36

  • GP: 147
  • TP: 126
  • Kick: 131
  • Dribbling: 167
  • Block: 109
  • Catch: 81
  • Technique: 114
  • Speed: 123
  • Stamina: 78
  • Lucky: 95

  • GP: 164
  • TP: 144
  • Kick: 131
  • Dribbling: 162
  • Block: 107
  • Catch: 81
  • Technique: 128
  • Speed: 126
  • Stamina: 78
  • Lucky: 121


Inazuma Eleven 2

Inazuma Eleven 3

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 3

Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • Seiryuu is inspired by the Azure Dragon, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations. It represents the East, spring, the color azure and Wood. This justifies his name, hissatsu and dub name but does not explain his element being fire.
  • In the Chrono Stone game, he uses the keshin based on the Azure Dragon, Shourai no Seiryuu.

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