Save Data Game

The Saved Data shows the information from the last point/area you have saved in the game, but it has also other purposes.


Saving data

  • When saving the data of the Inazuma Eleven game for the first time, it will show "Saving... Please do not turn-off or remove the game card".
  • But after the first time, the next time you save data, something first will appear, it will show "Are you sure you want to overwrite your saved data?", and you can choose between "Yes" or "No".

Different parts

User info

  • It also shows the name of the owner of the game, as shown when before playing, the game itself will ask the name of the player.

Play time

  • It shows the play time of the user of the game, it shows in "hours" and "minutes" also. An example would be "37 hrs and 4 min". The "hours" and "minutes" are abbreviated in "hrs" and "mins" so that it can fit well on the saved data.
  • It also shows, what chapter in the game you have finished, when the game is finished, it shows the last chapter and a "lightning mark" also. An example would be the first game, where it contains 10 chapters, it the game is finished, it will show Ch. 10 and a "lightning mark" if finished. Instead of "Chapter" it is abbreviated to "Ch." instead of adding the whole word.

Team data

  • It shows the "Team Level", in other words the whole level of the "Story Mode Team" in the game, the highest level there is, is level 99 in the game.
  • It also shows how many "friends" you have. In other words, how many characters you have "recruited" in the game.
  • It also shows the first "four" (till Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!) or "five" (From Inazuma Eleven GO onwards) persons you have on front, and the sprites of their head will appear in the saved data also.
  • It also shows the "Team Name" which the person holding the console can choose to name.
  • It also shows how many "wins" the person has when connecting to "other" DS games that have the same game as well.


  • Most "saved data" get corrupted or erased, when a "cheat" happens or a "glitch" happens in the game itself.
  • Most parts of the "saved data" are abbreviated.
  • In the first and second game, the "save data" screen is orange, and in the third game, it is blue instead.