Sandorius (サンドリアス, Sandoriasu) is a planet. The planet's representative team in the Grand Celesta Galaxy is Sandorius Eleven.

Inhabitants' appearance

The inhabitants of Sandorius have relatively humanoid appearances. They are differentiated by two horns or more on their head which are in place of their eyebrows; these horns can have different forms however. They also have marks and patches on their face. Around their necks, they wear a red and black object.


Earth Eleven visited this planet for the first match in the Grand Celesta Galaxy in episode 20. They visited the local market and other places before the match. They also confronted a few inhabitants of Sandorius, who challenged them to a mini-match with five people. They were also shown to be playing in a violent manner, until Sandorius Eleven's captain Kazerma Woorg halted the match.



  • This planet's prominent element is sand.
    • Most of their hissatsu are Earth-attributed.
  • The gravitational force on this planet is less than Earth's. Thus, it would be less than 9.8 m/s2. However, it's seen that Sandorius' people have more strength. As stated by Bitway Ozrock, it was due to the vile environment of the deserts and the storms that enhanced their physical ability. 
  • Sandorius is known as 5867-3071 on the galactic table.
  • The dub name of the planet "Silica" is referred to the silicon, a rock-forming mineral.

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