Samuel Mayo (サムエル・マヨ, Samueru Mayo) is a forward for Red Matador.


Samuel has tan skin and is tall in height, with a slender figure. He has spiky dark blue hair with two strands being teal. He also has turquoise eyes and big, bushy eyebrows.


He first appeared in episode 85 along with the rest of his team during the opening ceremony for the Football Frontier International.

In episode 102, his team had a friendly match with Inazuma Japan. During the match, he performed Sling Shot along with David Peroqui and Queraldo Naval, which successfully made a goal. However, they tied with a score of 1-1.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform Red Matador player 10-2EUSLcharac9sprite Red Matador player 10EUSLcharac9

Character view

Front overview Back overview Front close view
Soccer uniform Spain Player 10 Front Spain Player 10 Back Samuel Mayo close up front


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

In order to recruit Samuel, Red Matador has to be defeated first in Raimon Souichirou's taisen route. After recruiting him from the machine, he will be located to the right of the sports shop in Italy's area.


Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

At lvl. 99
Samuel manga

Samuel Mayo as seen in the manga.

  • GP: 120
  • TP: 109
  • Kick: 66
  • Body: 74
  • Control: 59
  • Guard: 43
  • Speed: 71
  • Stamina: 44
  • Guts: 64
  • Freedom: 25



  • [SH] Dragon Ground
    Dragon terrestre manga

    Samuel Mayo using Dragon Ground in the Manga.

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!