Ruza Donolzen (ルーザ・ドノルゼン, Rūza Donoruzen) is an alien and Lalaya Obies' advisor.


She is shown to be critical of Lalaya Obies and others, going as far to criticize the mother whose kid was found just because she thought she had wasted Lalaya's time. It was later revealed that she wanted Faram Obius for herself and even extended to imprison Lalaya and Tsurugi.


She made her debut in episode 24, along with the other followers of Lalaya.

She contacted Rodan in episode 28 and told him to get rid of Earth Eleven by any means.

In episode 32, she had a conversation with her aide, Ruzekt, while Tsurugi eavesdropped on them. She told Ruzekt that it was a good chance to overthrow Lalaya and that she would tell the people of Faram Obius that Lalaya was simply sick. While saying this, she saw Tsurugi running out. As Tsurugi told Lalaya the truth about her, Donolzen brought her soldiers and imprisoned both of them so that she could have rule over Faram Obius.

In episode 36Minel Eiba revealed that Donolzen and her followers were arrested and the coup d'état was stopped.