Russian Roulette (ロシアンルーレットスタジアム, Roshian Rūretto Sutajiamu) is the name of the structure that holds the set of stadiums of the nationals phase of Holy Road.


Russian Roulette at night

Russian Roulette's stadiums at night.

The Russian Roulette made its debut in episode 22 and is the place where the matches of the National phase of Holy Road made. The location itself is composed of six stadiums with some peculiarities each one. They are: Amano Mikado Stadium at the center, surrounded by Cyclone Stadium, Snowland Stadium, Water World Stadium, Pinball Stadium and Desert Stadium.


The following lists the known matches that are held in the Russian Roulette:


The following in the slideshow are the stadiums that are a part of the Russian Roulette:

  • Russian Roulette's stadiums
  • 1. Amano Mikado Stadium (No Main Element)
  • 2. Cyclone Stadium (Main Element - Wind)
  • 3. Snowland Stadium (Main Element - Ice)
  • 4. Water World Stadium (Main Element - Water)
  • 5. Pinball Stadium (Main Element - Steel)
  • 6. Desert Stadium (Main Element - Sand)


  • Most of the stadiums here are based on elements of nature.
  • The Russian Roulette is a potentially lethal game of chance, in which a player places a single bullet in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against his head, and pulls the trigger. In the context of Inazuma Eleven GO, Russian Roulette is the structure holding the different stadiums having its own features. Before a match, a team never knows in which stadium they will play, hence the name.