Robert Cliser (ロベルト・クライザー, Roberuto Kuraizā) is the coach for Australia's national team, Big Waves.


Robert has pale skin and teal eyes. He is moderately tall with medium-length blonde hair and sideburns of the same colour. His eyebrows are black which contrasts his hair and he wears rimless glasses with purple handles. He wears a white long sleeved shirt with a blue-grey ties, coupled with grey pants and black shoes.



Robert appeared as the coach for Big Waves and debuts in their match against Inazuma Japan. Throughout the match he was silent, communicating through eye contact namely with Big Waves' captain Nice Dolphin. He was no longer seen in the series after Big Waves' defeat in the preliminary matches.


In the game, he appeared only during the match since his icon was seen talking during the match.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Casual Coach19shot


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