Real Aliea emblem

Real Aliea (リアル・エイリア, Riaru Eiria) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


Real Aliea is a combination of five of Aliea Gakuen's major teams: Gemini Storm, Epsilon, The Genesis, Prominence and Diamond Dust.

This team can be challenged as the first team in the Dream Tournament. The robot through which the team can be initially challenged is located at the soccer field of Aliea's HQ. All members are between the levels 55 and 65.


  1. Nero (GK)
  2. Gigu (DF)
  3. Mole (DF)
  4. Keeve (DF)
  5. Pandora (DF)
  6. Fadora (DF)
  7. Guringo (MF)
  8. Ulvida (MF/captain)
  9. Burn (FW)
  10. Gazel (MF)
  11. Zel (FW)
  12. Desarm (GK)
  13. Reize (MF)
  14. Gran (FW)
  15. Nepper (FW)
  16. Rhionne (MF)

Hissatsu tatics


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