Ratoniik Eleven emblem

Ratoniik Eleven (ラトニークイレブン, Ratonīku Irebun) is the team representing Ratoniik in the Grand Celesta Galaxy.


  1. Longa Kamicula (GK)
  2. Drone Naboon (DF)
  3. Moth Gar (DF)
  4. Antwa Arry (MF)
  5. Tis Kahma (MF)
  6. Putterf Chocho (MF)
  7. /10. Banda Koloogyu (MF)
  8. Hopper Bata (MF)
  9. Stag Kwatta (MF/captain)
  10. Ryugel Baran (FW)
  11. Gandales Baran (FW)
  12. /11. Locus Inagus (FW)
  13. /7. Hornet Harcha (FW)
  14. Komecky Shoryou (FW, Anime only)
  15. Taran Tulakumo (FW, Anime only)
  16. Banda Koloogyu Jr (MF)


As Earth Eleven's fourth opponent in the Grand Celesta Galaxy, they welcomed Earth Eleven to their planet, Ratoniik, along with other inhabitants. One of the team's members, Banda Koloogyu, befriended Earth Eleven and became their guide. The next day, when Earth Eleven was invited to have a joint training with them, one of their members, Komecky Shoryou, died during the practice due to his short life span. The team later on received help from Ryugel Baran and Gandales Baran, the last two members on Shitennou.

During the first-half of the match, Ratoniik got the first score thanks to Ryugel and Gandales' combo play. Meanwhile, Banda tried his best to stand out, knowing that his life span was ending soon. Earth Eleven then managed to tie the score later in the game after Minaho Kazuto used his hissatsu Asokoni UFO to confuse Ryugel and Gandales thrice. Embarrassed after being humiliated, the two of them left the planet with their spaceship.

During the second-half, Kusaka Ryuuji activated his Soul, Grizzly. However near the the end of match Banda collapsed, signaling the end of his life span. In the end, they lost with a score of 2-1 after Kusaka scored a goal with Kyoubou Head.


Hissatsu tactic

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy


  • Unlike the other teams from the Grand Celesta Galaxy, they have two Shitennou members on the team.
    • And unlike the anime, both members stay on the team until the match is over in the game.
  • There are no players with Fire elements on this team.
  • All of the members are based on insects and are named after them (except for Taran Tulakumo, who is based on a spider).
  • This team has two members who were originally scout characters in Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy.

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