Ratoniik (ラトニーク, Ratonīku) is a planet. The planet's representative team in the Grand Celesta Galaxy is the Ratoniik Eleven.

Inhabitants' appearance

The inhabitants of Ratoniik are humanoids with bug-like features (small wings, antennae, etc.) due to having evolved from bugs, thus having very short lifespan.


Earth Eleven arrived at this planet in episode 32. According to Ishigashi Gorham, the race of Ratoniik evolved from bugs. This immediately made the Earth Eleven, with the exception of Konoha, feel sick. Unlike the inhabitants of the previous planets, all the people of Ratoniik, including the Ratoniik Eleven, welcomed the Earth Eleven. One of the members, Banda Koloogyu, gave them a tour around Ratoniik and had a mini-match with them. But Konoha, Sakura and Manabe got lured into the illusion of the Madowashisou. Sakura and Manabe managed to activate their Souls to escape from being tangled. To save Kusaka, who got himself into danger trying to protect Konoha, Banda bit one of the Madowashisou to stop them from spreading their perfume, injuring himself in the process.



  • This planet's prominent element is Wood.
    • Most of their hissatsu are wood-attributed.
  • The lifespan of the people of this planet vary from a week to a year.
  • They are a hospitable planet, welcoming Earth Eleven even though their planet would be destroyed if they lost.