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Raimon Are emblem

Raimon Are (ライモンアール, Raimon Āru) is a team that can be challenged in Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen!!.


This team can be challenged at Raimon Souichirou's lower route. The members' levels range from 58 to 88.


  1. Endou Mamoru (GK/captain)
  2. Kabeyama Heigorou (DF)
  3. Walter Mountain (DF)
  4. Windy Faster (DF)
  5. Kazemaru Ichirouta (DF)
  6. Shinti Hanpa (MF)
  7. Handa Shinichi (MF)
  8. Maxi Kuu (MF)
  9. Matsuno Kuusuke (MF)
  10. Someoka Ryuugo (FW)
  11. Drago Hill (FW)
  12. Rococo Urupa (GK)
  13. Megane Kakeru (FW)
  14. Maygar Nathan (MF)
  15. Kurimatsu Teppei (DF)
  16. Maron Ian (DF)


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