Parkour Attack (パルクールアタック, Parukūru Atakku) is a shoot hissatsu technique.


Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy



It first appeared in episode 7, used by Matatagi Hayato in the match between Inazuma Japan and Big Waves. It scored a goal and tied the score to 2-2.

He used it again in episode 9 in the match between Shamshir. It broke through Sultan Karam's Dry Blow and scored the first goal for Inazuma Japan.

In the match between Mach Tiger in episode 12, he used it to score a goal but it was stopped by Napa Ladam's Death Scythe Middle.

It was used again in episode 17 in the match against Storm Wolf. Matatagi used it and succeeded in scoring the fifth and winning goal for Inazuma Japan.

It was used for the first time by Matatagi Hayato in the Grand Celesta Galaxy in Episode 30 on the match between Earth Eleven and Gurdon Eleven to score a goal for Earth Eleven but it was easily blocked by Arbega Gordon.

It was used in episode 37 to score the tying goal for the Earth Eleven.


Matatagi used Parkour Attack in the match between Inazuma Best Eleven and Inazuma Battle Eleven. It was able to score the second goal for Inazuma Battle Eleven as it was too fast for Endou Mamoru to block it after he was able to stop Gran's Ryuusei Blade by punching it.


The user grabs the ball with their foot and make a front flip. They then backflip while sending the ball upwards and then do another front flip which make them appear to be stepping on air to propel theirselves. They then kick the ball with their heel; charged with blue energy.







Parkour Attack Infinite Galaxy game

Parkour Attack ∞ in the Galaxy game.

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 7 - Parkour Attack (パルクールアタック)

Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy 7 - Parkour Attack (パルクールアタック)

Galaxy game

Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Parkour Attack

Inazuma Eleven GO 3 Galaxy Parkour Attack


  • Parkour is a discipline where practitioners aim to move quickly and efficiently through their environment using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves.
    • This is relevant to the hissatsu as the user appears to be jumping off of the sides of the screen. This is more apparent in the game, where the user can be seen running on the screens sides as well as jumping, even with the ball out of his possession.