Pablo Castillo (パブロ・カスティーヨ, Paburo Kasutīyo) is a midfielder for The Empire.


Inazuma Eleven 3

  • "He draws paintings of Argentinian nature and wants many people to see them."


Pablo is tall in height, brawny, and has tan skin. He has shoulder-length, wavy light blue hair, wearing a black headband as well. He also has small black eyes and "squiggly eyebrows".


When he stole the ball from Gouenji in the match, Kazemaru compared him to a wolf hunting its prey. Along with the rest of The Empire, they beat Inazuma Japan and won, becoming the only team to win against Inazuma Japan in the FFI.

Game appearance

Front sprite Avatar
Soccer uniform TEtalk9sprite TEtalk9


Inazuma Eleven 3

At lvl. 99

  • GP: 128
  • TP: 99
  • Kick: 68
  • Body: 71
  • Control: 48
  • Guard: 60
  • Speed: 60
  • Stamina: 52
  • Guts: 60
  • Freedom: 15


Inazuma Eleven 3

Game exclusive teams

Inazuma Eleven 3


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