P. Heiba Robots emblem

P. Heiba Robots (P・兵馬ロボッツ) is a game exclusive team in the Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone game.


They can be challenged at Yoshinobu's route. All the players are at level 42.


  1. Rau Sem (GK)
  2. SR-102X (DF)
  3. SR-103X (DF)
  4. Heibayou no Ni (DF)
  5. Heibayou no San (DF)
  6. Rei Rukh (MF/captain)
  7. Kei Rou (MF)
  8. Dai Road (MF)
  9. Emi Uru (MF)
  10. SR-111X (FW)
  11. Heibayou no Juuichi (FW)
  12. Heibayou no Ichi (GK)
  13. Bado Addo (DF)
  14. SR-108X (MF)
  15. Bull Rex (FW)
  16. Gra Fom (FW)


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