Oumihara emblem

Oumihara (大海原) is a team that was introduced in the second game /season.


The standard Oumihara uniform is a teal-colored T-shirt with a white collar, white linings around the sleeves and a horizontal white stripe around the lower hem. The shorts also are gray. Instead of teal, the goalkeeper's shirt is colored green. Instead of one horizontal white stripe, three white stripes are embedded in the middle front of the shirt, and the cuffs are orange. The captain's band is yellow.


  1. Shuri Iwao (GK)
  2. Taira Moguru (DF)
  3. Gibo Kanekatsu (DF)
  4. Tsunami Jousuke (DF/anime ex-captain)
  5. Akamine Hiroaki (DF/anime captain after Tsunami graduated)
  6. Toguchi Masahiro (MF)
  7. Otomura Gakuya (MF/game captain)
  8. Kyan Rinka (MF)
  9. Koja Hidenori (MF)
  10. Agarie Yasuo (FW)
  11. Ikemiyagi Haru (FW)
  12. Amuro Mikio (GK)
  13. Oyadomari Nagase (DF)
  14. Zukeran Reito (MF)
  15. Chinen Naoki (MF)
  16. Jahana Sango (FW)



  • According to Tsunami, everyone on the team "rides" something.
  • This team was supposed to compete in the Football Frontier. This is because their coach lost track of time due to partying and the team couldn't make it to the regional finals.
  • Their school is located in Okinawa.