CCC Osaka Gals emblem

The Cute, Chique, Cool Osaka Gals (大阪ギャルズ), or the Triple C (CCC), is a girls-only soccer team from Osaka with Urabe Rika as their captain.


They are a deceptively strong team due to having trained in an abandoned training facility they found, which originally belonged to Aliea Gakuen, and also for their joke strategies, with which they'd often use to fool their opponents, allowing them to pass or steal the ball from them. Because Raimon underestimated them as they were girls, the Triple C managed to gain a one-goal lead during the first half, but subsequently lost with a score of 4-1.


The standard team jersey is a grayish-purple-collared white T-shirt with pink and purple plaid sleeves. The team's symbol is located on the upper-left area of the shirt. Besides the goalkeeper, members of Osaka Gals wear short shirts that have the same pattern as their sleeves over short tights that are colored white. The socks are a dark, grayish-purple with two white stripes around the top Cleats are white with a light purple pattern. The goalkeeper wears a long-sleeved dark purple shirt with light purple sleeves, the cuffs being a slightly darker purple. The goalkeeper's cloves are white with a small section being colored grayish-blue. Their shorts are light purple with white linings,the socks being completely dark blue, and black cleats with a white pattern. Here, the team's symbol is located on the right humerus. The captain's band is colored lime-green.


  1. Dosu Koi (GK)
    Osaka Gals formation

    Osaka Gals' formation in the game.

  2. Torahama Kouko (DF)
  3. Hori Michiko (DF)
  4. Umeda Harumi (DF)
  5. Kushida Katsuyo (DF)
    Triple ccc

    Osaka Gals in game.

  6. Yorozu Hiromi (MF)
  7. Takoya Noriko (MF)
  8. Namikawa Hanako (MF)
  9. Tennouji Mari (MF)
  10. Urabe Rika (FW/Captain)
  11. Midou Reika (FW)
  12. Negiri Tomoe (GK)
  13. Tsuuten Hikari (DF)
  14. Senba Ginko (MF)
  15. Kishiwada Matsuri (MF)
  16. Nanba Hanae (GK)


  • This is one of the few teams that have two reserve goalkeepers.